Triangular bandage

Triangular bandage

The Triangular Bandage: What it is and How to Use it

The triangular bandage, or “Cravat,” is an essential item in any first aid kit, and if used properly, can provide support and stabilization of an injury as well as help create a splint. It can also be used to tie off a tourniquet or to immobilize an injured limb. The triangular bandage is made of cloth or fabric and is typically triangularly shaped, but can come in a variety of sizes.

Uses of the Triangular Bandage

The triangular bandage is most commonly used to help with blunt trauma, such as a sprained or strained ankle. It can also be used to hold a dressing in place, secure a splint, create a sling for an arm injury, and to even provide a pressure dressing for a wound. It is also useful for holding a pressure bandage in place.

In terms of using the triangular bandage for a splint, it is first important to create the splint so that the injured area is supported and immobilized, then the triangular bandage can be used to secure the splint in place. This will ensure that the splint does not slip or move, allowing the injured area to begin healing while still supported.

How to Use a Triangular Bandage

Using the triangular bandage is a fairly simple process, and for most uses it is only necessary to tie a knot at each end of the bandage. To use the triangular bandage as a sling, wrap it around the shoulder and arm area and then tie a knot with the other end, making sure that the knot is secure. For a pressure dressing, it is possible to tie a knot near both ends and then wrap the bandage around the dressing. To make a tourniquet, the triangular bandage should be knotted at one end and then wrapped around the limb as tightly as possible. Finally, to create a splint the triangular bandage should be tied around the splint at two points to secure it in place.


The triangular bandage is an essential item in any first aid kit. It can be used for a variety of applications, from creating a splint to providing a pressure dressing for a wound. Knowing how to use a triangular bandage correctly and efficiently can help treat countless types of injuries effectively. If there is an injury requiring a bandage, the triangular bandage is always a great option.

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