Medical super glue

Medical super glue

Medical Super Glue: an Innovative Solution for Wound Closure

Medical super glue, also known as UROSTAT, is an advanced technology that is quickly becoming a go-to solution for wound closure. Unlike some traditional closure methods, medical super glue is renowned for its fast, easy and safe application. As a result, it has become a popular choice for its convenience.

The glue itself is made up of two main components. One is a liquid cyanoacrylate, which quickly binds the two sides of a wound together. The other component is the Thiozolamine, which acts as a catalyst, allowing the cyanoacrylate to quickly form a strong bond that is resistant to water.

Medical super glue offers a number of advantages when compared to alternative wound closure methods. It is hundreds of times stronger than sutures, and forms a barrier to bacteria, reducing the risk of infection. Furthermore, because the glue sets very quickly, it eliminates the need for post-operative care, and leads to faster recovery times with minimal scarring.

In addition, the glue is cost-effective and easy to use, providing more flexibility for skilled clinicians, who can adjust the size, shape and position of the closure. This makes it a perfect choice for complex wounds and difficult anatomical areas.

Medical super glue is also used in a number of other medical applications, such as orthopedics and podiatry. In addition, it is increasingly being used as an adjunct to sutures in larger wounds, in order to improve cosmesis and increase the strength of the wound closure. Currently, it is being tested in cardiac, orthopedic and abdominal surgeries and is expected to become a widely accepted wound closure method in the future.

Medical technologies are always evolving and it is exciting to see how medical super glue is revolutionizing wound closure. Its fast application and lack of post-operative care make it an ideal choice for those seeking an easy and effective solution for wound closure.

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