Tallow Candle

Tallow Candle

The Best Tallow Candle Guide

Tallow candles have been around for centuries, and there is no doubt about the impact they have had on the evolution of light. They are the earliest form of candles and have evolved over time to encompass an even wider array of materials, including wax. However, if you’re looking for an inexpensive and reliable light source, then tallow candles should definitely be on your list.

What is a Tallow Candle?

A tallow candle is a type of candle that has been around since prehistoric times. It is made from rendered animal fat. It is believed to be the earliest form of candle, as mentions of “candles” date back to the Roman era. These candles were either made with rendered beef or sheep tallow or with beeswax. The wax made the candle last longer, but was more expensive.

Benefits of Tallow Candles

Tallow candles are eco-friendly and are much less expensive than candles made from other materials. As they are made of animal fat, tallow candles can produce a strong, long-lasting flame. This makes them ideal for situations where long-term light is needed. They are also great for emergency situations, as they are quick and easy to light, making them great for camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

How to Make a Tallow Candle

The process of making a tallow candle is quite straightforward. All you need is some rendered animal fat, a container, a wick, and a heat source. Heat the rendered fat until it melts and add the wick once it is liquid. Pour the liquified fat into a container of your desired size and once it has cooled, you will have a fully-functioning tallow candle.

Storage Requirements

Tallow candles should be stored in a cool, dark place. As tallow candles are made from animal fat, they are prone to going rancid if left in a warm environment. Moreover, the candle may start to crack as well. To prevent this, make sure you store your tallow candles in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


Tallow candles are a great, inexpensive solution for providing light. They are easy to make and provide strong, long-lasting light. With proper storage, they can provide reliable light for a long period of time. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable light source, then tallow candles are a great option.

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