MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone (CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M, & TAPR) Review

MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone (CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M, & TAPR) Review

MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone (CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M, & TAPR) Review

MIRA Safety is a trusted global manufacturer of gas mask microphones used in professional communication systems. Their range of CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M, and TAPR (Tactical Audio Programming Resume) microphones offer the best protection against hazardous environments while ensuring clear and reliable communication. With excellent noise cancellation and high-quality audio output, these mics have become a staple of fire, search and rescue, law enforcement, and other professional applications. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at each type of MIRA Safety gas mask microphone and how they can benefit your operation.

CM-6M Gas Mask Microphone

The CM-6M is a highly durable, waterproof, and temperature-resistant gas mask microphone for use in harsh outdoor environments. It’s designed with a microphone element to accurately capture audio and noise cancellation technology to reduce any distortion. Additionally, it does not require any batteries and can be powered directly from the head-mounted radio output.

The CM-6M has a lightweight design and comfortable fit that makes it perfect for extended missions. It also ensures reliable performance in wet or dry conditions, which is ideal for hazardous terrain scenarios. The microphone can be mounted directly to the gas mask or attached using an optional headband.

CM-7M & CM-8M Gas Mask Microphone

The CM-7M and CM-8M are similar to the CM-6M, but they offer more advanced protection and longevity. They have special noise cancellation capabilities to further reduce distortion and provide high-quality audio. The CM-7M is designed for use with traditional respirators, while the CM-8M has been perfected for comfort and performance with CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)-level masks.

Both microphones also have strategic placement of the element to ensure the best sound quality in environments with high levels of background noise. And they can easily be attached and disconnected from the mask by using the quick-release closures.

TAPR Gas Mask Microphone

For those who need quick and easy comms while in hazardous environments, the TAPR gas mask microphone is the ideal solution. It offers reliable communication in any environment and can be connected to both head-mounted and chest-mounted radios. It also comes with a replaceable foam ear cushion to provide a comfortable fit and block out noise.

The TAPR gas mask microphone is made of tough PTT material allowing it to withstand exposure to dirt, dust, and harsh weather conditions. It also has a built-in noise cancellation feature that eliminates disruption from background noise. Plus, it’s compatible with a variety of radio systems, making it ideal for use in any setting.


MIRA Safety’s gas mask microphones (CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M, and TAPR) offer superior sound quality, noise cancellation, and durability in hazardous environments. They are designed for quick and easy setup and have been tested to meet the rigorous demands of search and rescue, fire, and law enforcement operations.

Whether you’re operating in wet or dry conditions, these gas mask microphones are a great choice for applications where clear and reliable communication is essential. With their lightweight design and comfortable fit, MIRA Safety’s gas mask mics are ideal for extended missions and hazardous terrain.

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