MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone (CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M, & TAPR) Review

MIRA Safety Gas Mask Microphone (CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M, & TAPR) Review

MIRA Safety Gas Masks with Integrated Microphone Review

Preparing for any emergency situation should be taken seriously, and ensuring that proper protective equipment is in place is one of the first steps. In situations that involve hazardous gases, fumes, and particles, keeping yourself and your family safe should always be the highest priority. Luckily, technology is advancing year after year, and MIRA Safety now offers gas masks with integrated microphones, allowing wearers to easily communicate in such situations.

The MIRA Safety CM-6M, CM-7M, CM-8M gas masks are two of the most popular models available, and each offer a range of features to keep you safe during hazardous conditions. All models come with an integrated microphone that allows for flawless two-way communication while wearing the mask. The microphones are connected directly to the NBC filter, so users remain safe and secure while talking.

CM-6M Gas Mask

The MIRA Safety CM-6M gas mask is the first of the three models that offer an integrated microphone. It is designed for law enforcement, and offers a variety of features that make it the perfect choice for anyone looking for reliable protection. It is equipped with an NBC filter, anti-fogging lenses, and adjustable straps. It also offers an adjustable drinking system that allows users to rehydrate on the go without any additional equipment.

CM-7M Gas Mask

The CM-7M gas mask offers many of the same features as the CM-6M, but also includes a replaceable drinking tube that allows for quick and easy hydration. It also has an upgraded filter that is designed to provide protection from various airborne pollutants and odors. It has a wide field-of-view, and its adjustable straps ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

CM-8M Gas Mask

The CM-8M gas mask is the most advanced of the three models. It has an extra-wide field-of-view, and provides reliable protection from CBRN agents with its advanced NBC filter. It also offers improved ventilation for maximum comfort, and an adjustable drinking system with a replaceable drinking tube. The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, making this the perfect choice for any emergency situation.

TAPR Microphone

MIRA Safety also offers the TAPR Tactical Audio and Power Regulation (TAPR) microphone for the CM-6M, CM-7M, and CM-8M gas masks. The TAPR microphone is designed to be used in even the toughest conditions, and allows for two-way communication while wearing the gas mask. It is equipped with a power regulator and amplifier that allows users to increase or decrease the volume as needed. It also has an adjustable gain that can be set to the user’s preference, and LED indicators that show when the system is powered on or off.


MIRA Safety’s gas masks with integrated microphones are the perfect choice for anyone looking for reliable protection in hazardous environments. Each model is designed to provide maximum protection, and the addition of the TAPR microphone allows for clear two-way communication. With the top-of-the-line features these masks offer, you can be sure you and your family will be safe in any emergency situation.

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