Is It Illegal to Collect Rainwater?

Is It Illegal to Collect Rainwater?

Is It Illegal to Collect Rainwater?

Harvesting rainwater has become more and more popular as society continues to grapple with the water scarcity crisis. But is it actually legal to collect rainwater? It depends on the situation.

In some situations, harvesting rainwater is actually encouraged, especially in areas where rainfall is sparse. Some communities have adopted laws that allow for the collection of rainwater for agricultural and other uses. On the other hand, there are also places where collecting rainwater is illegal or may require special permission from local authorities.

Why Are Some Places Uncomfortable With Collecting Rainwater?

The main reason why some localities don’t allow the collection of rainwater has to do with the ownership of water rights. In some situations, any water that falls from the sky is owned by the government, making it illegal for individuals or businesses to collect it. Additionally, some places also have laws that tax the harvesting of rainwater, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with your local rules before beginning.

How Can I Collect Rainwater Legally?

The best way to collect rainwater legally is to consult with your local government and apply for the appropriate permits and licenses. Many cities and counties allow for a certain amount of rainwater harvesting, but they may also require you to follow certain protocols and regulations. Additionally, it’s important to note that most harvesting systems are designed to be connected to the city’s drainage and sewer systems, meaning that you need to get additional permits in order to use these systems.


Collecting rainwater can be a great way to add some green to your home, but it’s important to know the rules and regulations before getting started. Consult with your local government to make sure you’re complying with all of the necessary regulations before you begin harvesting rainwater. Good luck!

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