Exotac XL Fire Starter

Exotac XL Fire Starter

Exotac XL Fire Starter: Never Get Stuck Out In The Cold Again

For anyone who’s ever gone camping, you know that starting a fire can be exhausting work, and even with a reliable fire starter, that work can be hard to manage. That’s why Exotac’s XL Fire Starter provides an easy, efficient way to strike up a fire, so you can focus on enjoying the great outdoors.

The Exotac XL Fire Starter has a range of features that make it a top-of-the-line choice when you need a reliable fire starter. Made with rugged, field-tested materials, the Fire Starter has a waterproof ferro ceramic rod on one side and an abrasive striking plate on the other. The tube has a diameter large enough to provide an ample weight, as well as a padded end for a comfortable, secure grip.

In addition to its heavy-duty design, the Exotac XL Fire Starter is also surprisingly light, coming in at only 2 oz. This makes it the perfect tool to take with you, whether you’re enjoying a weekend camping trip, or just looking for some extra protection for a hike.

How to Use the Exotac XL Fire Starter

Using the Exotac XL Fire Starter is fast and simple. To get started, place your tinder material on the ground, or in a dry fire pit. Take your Exotac XL Fire Starter and hold the ferroceramic rod against the striking plate, and then make a scuffing motion. This will create sparks, which you can use to ignite your tinder.

Once your fire is burning, you’ll have a reliable source of heat and light at your disposal. But don’t forget to stay safe! Keep an eye on your fire, make sure it’s never too big or too hot, and never leave it unattended.

Why Choose the Exotac XL Fire Starter?

The Exotac XL Fire Starter is one of the best fire starters available on the market, and with its light weight, easy-to-use design, and reliable build quality, it’s the perfect tool for those looking to stay safe and warm in the great outdoors. So the next time you head out on a camping trip, make sure you’ve got an Exotac XL Fire Starter in your pocket!

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