Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

When mosquitoes invade your outdoor and indoor living space, it can be an annoying hassle. But you don’t have to resign yourself to suffering through the mosquito season – having a mosquito trap can provide you with relief and make sure you can enjoy outdoor living again. To help you find the best mosquito trap for your needs, we’ve put together this guide and review looking at the very best options on the market today.

Types of Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and which one you choose will depend on the space you have available, how many mosquitoes you need to trap, and your budget. Here’s a look at the different types of traps available:

DIY Traps

  • Easy to build
  • Can cost just a few dollars
  • Requires regular attention and maintenance for best performance

Static Traps

  • Easy to set up
  • Heat- or light-activated
  • Traps can be emptied and reused for several seasons both indoors and outdoors

Electric Traps

  • Can be highly effective indoors
  • Attracts mosquitoes with light and sound
  • Expensive to purchase and requires power for operation

Choosing a Mosquito Trap

Choosing the best mosquito traps will depend on your individual needs as well as the space available. Here’s what you should look for when selecting the perfect trap for your needs:

  • Size: Mosquito traps come in a variety of sizes, from tabletop variants to larger units large enough to protect entire outdoor areas. Make sure the size you choose is appropriate for your needs.
  • Type: Once you’ve determined the size of the unit, consider the type of trap you want. Do you want to invest in an electric trap, or is a DIY solution more up your alley?
  • Coverage: Will the trap cover the entire outdoor area, or just a portion of it? Knowing the coverage area of the trap you are thinking of buying will tell you if it’s up to the job of providing adequate protection.

Best Mosquito Traps – Review & Buying Guide

To help you decide on the best mosquito trap for your needs, here are four top picks we’ve highlighted for your consideration.

CAMTOA 2-in-1 Mosquito Killer Lamp

This indoor electric mosquito trap is ideal for your bedroom, living room, or any other indoor area. The device is powered by USB and designed to attract mosquitoes with light and sound. The device also features an effective fan suction that captures and kills mosquitoes. It is easy to clean and features a sleek, modern design.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

This electric mosquito trap is suitable for outdoor use. It’s solar powered and comes with a 15-watt bulb that attracts flying insects. The device is designed to effectively kill insects within 1/2 acre, making it a great choice for larger backyards. It is also easy to clean and use, and features a sturdy construction.

Mosquito Magnet Independence

This device is perfect for outdoor mosquito control. It uses a propane tank to attract mosquitoes and is designed to effectively cover up to 1 acre of area. The device is also easy to set up and use, and comes with a durable construction. It does require refill tanks fairly regularly, so it’s important to factor this in when making your buying decision.

Bug Zapper Racket

This DIY solution is one of the cheapest and easiest mosquito traps to use. This handheld device is electric and zaps away mosquitoes with a single click. It’s an ideal solution for quick and easy indoor or outdoor mosquito control. It’s also safe to use and features a bright LED light for night control.


Mosquito traps make it easy to control and reduce the number of mosquitoes invading your outdoor and indoor living spaces. With the right trap, you can enjoy the outdoor life and have peaceful evenings without those pesky buzzing pests. Hopefully, this guide and review has given you the information you need to select the perfect mosquito trap for your individual needs and budget.

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