Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Mosquito traps have become an increasingly popular way to control pesky insects that transmit diseases. Instead of simply trying to swat them away or using chemical solutions, many homeowners are opting for a more effective and environmentally-friendly solution. Not only do mosquito traps help reduce the mosquito population in your yard or home, but they also make your outdoor space more enjoyable and can potentially reduce your risk of contracting mosquito-borne illnesses.

Before you buy your first mosquito trap, it’s important to understand the different types and features available. This buying guide will provide you with in-depth information about the best mosquito traps on the market for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We’ll explain how mosquito traps work, cover the features to consider before purchase, and review some popular traps on the market today.

How Do Mosquito Traps Work?

These traps use either a fan or a carbon dioxide source to attract mosquitoes. Fan-based traps are powered by electricity and suck in the mosquitoes as they approach. Carbon dioxide-based traps use an artificial source of the gas to draw mosquitoes to the trap, where they’ll be sprayed with insecticide and die. These traps are typically designed to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing, so the insect population in the area will slowly decline.

Some mosquito traps also use an LED or UV light to attract bugs. Mosquitoes are attracted to the bright light and are then trapped as they get closer.

Features to Consider Before Purchase

  • Type. Do you want a fan- or CO₂-based trap, or one that uses an LED or UV light?
  • Size. For outdoor traps, make sure the mosquitoes you’re trying to catch don’t exceed the trap’s size limit.
  • Battery life. Most traps use batteries, so make sure the batteries last long enough for your needs.
  • Coverage area. Different traps are designed to cover different areas, so make sure the one you choose is appropriate for your space.
  • Noise level. If you’re using the trap indoors, consider the noise level so it doesn’t keep you up at night.
  • Chemical use. Some traps use chemicals or pesticides to kill the mosquitoes, so make sure you are comfortable with the risks associated with these.
  • Warranty. Make sure the trap you buy offers a good warranty in case it stops working or doesn’t work as advertised.

Best Mosquito Traps on the Market

Now that you know what features to look for in a mosquito trap, let’s review some of the best traps on the market today. All of these traps offer different features, so make sure you choose one that fits your needs.

FlowTron BK-15D

The FlowTron BK-15D is a fan-powered outdoor mosquito trap. This trap uses a 1-acre coverage area and a warm light to attract mosquitoes and other biting insects. The trap features a built-in fan to vacuum in the bugs and a removable collection tray for easy disposal. It’s also quiet, so it won’t disrupt your peace and quiet.

Flowtron BK-80D Mosquito Eliminator

The Flowtron BK-80D Mosquito Eliminator is an outdoor fan-powered trap that covers up to 2 acres. This trap utilizes a powerful fan to suck in mosquitoes and a carbon dioxide source to attract them. It also features an LCD indicator light to let you know when the unit is working and a removable collection tray for easy removal of dead insects. Plus, its quiet operation won’t bother your neighbors.

DynaTrap DT1200 Insect Trap

This DynaTrap DT1200 Insect Trap is an outdoor trap that uses LED or UV light to attract mosquitoes. It covers an area of 1/2 acre and features a powerful vacuum to trap and retain mosquitoes and other insects. This trap is also weatherproof and comes with an extension cord and wall mount for easy installation.

Genesis Potex Indoor Mosquito Trap

The Genesis Potex Indoor Mosquito Trap is an ideal solution for homeowners who want to reduce their mosquito population indoors. This fan-based trap uses a repulsive odour to attract mosquitoes, and a powerful suction fan to draw them in. It’s quiet, non-toxic, and emits no odours, making it ideal for indoor spaces. Plus, it’s easy to clean and comes with a separate collection container.


Mosquito traps are an effective and environmentally friendly way to manage your mosquito population. Before you purchase your first trap, make sure to consider the features that are important to you. There are a variety of traps available on the market for both indoor and outdoor spaces, so choose one that fits your needs and your budget.

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