Best Fire Starter Review and Buying Guide

Best Fire Starter Review and Buying Guide

Best Fire Starter Review and Buying Guide

If you love camping and the outdoors, having a reliable fire starter is essential for your adventure. From outdoor fireplaces to campfires and cook stoves, there’s nothing like building a roaring fire.

But, finding the right fire starter can be tricky. Here is our comprehensive review of some of the best fire starters on the market to help you make an informed choice. We’ve included all the details you need to know while shopping, so you can make the best buying decision.

Best Fire Starter Reviews

UCO Stormproof Fire Starter

UCO Stormproof Fire Starter is a fantastic outdoor fire starter. This all-weather fire starter can be lit up in the rain and strong wind. It uses long-lasting and waterproof materials to keep it going strong. It even comes with an attached striker for easy lighting.

Everstryke Match Fire Starter

The Everstryke Match Fire Starter is perfect for on-the-go fire starters. It’s small and easy to carry in your pocket or attach to your keychain. You can easily light it up with one simple click. The match lasts for up to 15 minutes and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0

This fire starter is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast. It is both a fire starter and a barbecue lighter. It is made of strong, durable material and can last up to 12,000 strikes. It is also very lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

Doan Firestarter Magnesium

The Doan Firestarter Magnesium is a reliable firestarter for mounting and camping trips. It is made with a high-quality magnesium alloy and can last up to 12,000 strikes. It’s also very small and lightweight, making it perfect for hikers.

Buying Guide

When shopping for fire starters, you’ll want to consider the type of fuel it uses, the number of strikes it can last, the size, and weight of the fire starter, and its ease of use.

Fuel Type

The type of fuel used in fire starters is important. Some fire starters use wood, coal, paper, cardboard, or charcoal. Others use lighter fluids or special fuel cartridges. Choose the type of fuel you’ll be using most often, as this will determine which fire starter is best for you.

Number of Strikes

When shopping for fire starters, you’ll also want to consider the number of flames or strikes it can generate. The higher the number of strikes the fire starter can last, the more reliable it is.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the fire starter is also important. Choose a fire starter that is lightweight and compact for easy portability.

Ease of Use

Lastly, consider the ease of use of the fire starter. Pick a fire starter that is easy to use, even in difficult conditions, like rain and wind.


With our comprehensive fire starter reviews and buying guide, you can easily pick the perfect fire starter for your next outdoor adventure. The right fire starter should last you years, so be sure to consider all the details before making your purchase.

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