Best EDC Flashlights

An EDC flashlight is an essential part of a basic survival kit. They are compact and easy to carry, and come in handy more often than you might think. We’ve created a list of the best EDC flashlights on the market, each with its own advantages. If you’re going to use EDC flashlights for lighting up small areas, 1000 lumens might be too much. If you are a police officer or a mechanic, you can look for EDC flashlight that have upwards of 1000-1500 lumens.

With a wide range of lumens, sizes, and uses, we have you covered. The Streamlight 66608 MicroStream is one of the best small EDC flashlights with a respectable amount of lumens and reach. It features easy-grip texture milling, an IPX8 waterproof level (for up to 2 meters underwater), and overall top-notch performance. If you’re looking for the best budget EDC flashlight, this 2-pack might be your cheapest option. The AIDIER A7 is a tiny and super lightweight flashlight that’s also durable and powerful.

This is one of the best EDC keychain flashlights you can get on the market for an amazing price. The RovyVon Aurora A1x is tiny and lightweight, yet packs 650 lumens of powerful light. It can throw beams as far as 109m and is easy to carry with its keychain clasp. This EDC flashlight also comes in black, military green, and orange. The Hatori Super Small EDC flashlight is almost weightless and comes at a very reasonable price.

It can last up to 2 hours with moderate usage on a single AAA battery. The Nitecore T4K 4000 Lumen EDC Keychain Flashlight is one of the best rechargeable EDC flashlights. Nitecore is a popular brand for EDC flashlights, and this option is not an exception. It comes with a small LumenTac flashlight for your keychain, along with the Tip SE small EDC flashlight. The WUBEN C3 can throw beams as far as 91.5 meters and can run for as long as 143 hours.

The WUBEN C3 is a very popular choice in the best tactical EDC flashlight category. It has a 4.6/5 star rating from 3,380 ratings. With a twist operator and a maximum of 90 lumens, this torch can help you light up small areas. Lumens are the “quantity” of light that comes out of a light source. 1 lumen equals the light of 1 candle.

A couple of hundred lumens can be bright enough for everyday use. Nitecore T4K is the best EDC flashlight, while Streamlight 66608 MicroStream is best budget option.

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