Best Bushcraft Backpack Review and Buying Guide

Best Bushcraft Backpack Review and Buying Guide

Best Bushcraft Backpack Review and Buying Guide

When you’re looking for the best bushcraft backpack to take on your outdoor adventure, there are a few important things that you need to consider. In this bushcraft backpack review and buying guide, we’ll cover all the important details you need to know before you make a purchase. From types of construction material to shape, to features and sizing, we’ve got you covered.

Why Invest in a Bushcraft Backpack?

When you embark on a bushcraft adventure, having the right equipment is essential. One of the most important items in your bushcraft arsenal should be a high-quality bushcraft backpack. A well-made backpack can make a huge difference to the success of your adventure. The ability to securely and comfortably carry all of your essential equipment is paramount. Plus, a durable, sturdy bushcraft backpack is something that will stay in your gear kit for years to come.

Types of Bushcraft Backpacks

When it comes to choosing a bushcraft backpack, there are several varieties to choose from. You can select according to the size, shape and features. Most bushcraft backpacks have internal frames and come in different sizes with different adjustability levels. Here are the four main categories of bushcraft backpacks you’ll come across in your search:

  • Internal Frame Backpacks: These are the most popular type of bushcraft backpacks. They have a metal frame that gives the pack more stability and allows you to adjust the backpack’s size according to your body type. Internal frame backpacks are usually more comfortable, as the metal frame transfers the weight from the back to the waist.
  • External Frame Backpacks: These bushcraft backpacks tend to be more affordable. They have a metal frame that is attached to the outside of the backpack instead of being inside. Although external frame backpacks are not as adjustable as internal frame backpacks, they are easy to access and arrive equipped with side and front pockets for convenient storage.
  • Tactical and Military Backpacks: These backpacks are designed for everyday and outdoor use. They typically have both internal and external frame structures and are made of durable, thick materials. Military and tactical backpacks are great for those who need additional storage space and features.
  • Daypacks: Daypacks are smaller and have fewer compartments, pockets and straps. They are designed for those who need to carry a lot of gear for a day or two, but don’t need the large space and organizational features of a tactical backpack.

Selecting the Right Bushcraft Backpack Size and Features

When you’re looking for the perfect bushcraft backpack, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. Here is a list of features that you should look for when making your selection:

  • Size: The size of your backpack is one of the most important factors in your choice. You should always measure your torso length and buy a backpack that fits your body type. Make sure that the backpack is not too small, as you will need enough space to store your supplies.
  • Compartments: Look for a backpack with multiple compartments so that you can easily organize and access your gear. This will make it easier for you to find the items you need quickly.
  • Padding and Straps: Make sure that the backpack has thick padding and straps that are adjustable to fit your body type. This will ensure that the backpack is comfortable to carry and will not cause any strain to your shoulders or back.
  • Construction Material: Look for a bushcraft backpack that is made of waterproof and rip-resistant material. This will ensure that your backpack will hold up against the elements and will last for years.


Choosing the right bushcraft backpack is an important part of ensuring your outdoor adventure is both enjoyable and successful. Consider the types of backpacks available, the size and features, and construction material when selecting the one that’s right for you. Make sure that the bushcraft backpack is comfortable and fits your body type, and you will have the right bag to accompany you on your journeys.

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