Best Belly Band Holster for Survival For Men & Woman Review and Buying Guide

Best Belly Band Holster for Survival For Men & Woman Review and Buying Guide

Best Belly Band Holster for Survival For Men & Woman: Review and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best belly band holster for survival purposes? Then you’ve come to the right place. A belly band holster is a versatile piece of kit which can allow you to carry your handgun or firearm in a discreet and concealed manner.

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing the best belly band holsters currently available on the market. We’ll be covering the different types available and going through their various features and specs. We’ll also be providing you with a comprehensive buying guide so you can make an informed choice.

Types of Belly Band Holsters

There are a few different types of belly band holsters on the market and each is suited to different users needs. Here is a quick overview of the different types you’ll find:

  • Traditional Belly Band Holster: A traditional belly band holster is a piece of cloth or elastic material which is worn around the waist. It has an adjustable velcro closure and can be used to carry a handgun or other firearms securely and discreetly.
  • Belly Band Holster System: A belly band holster system is similar to a traditional belly band holster but with additional features. This system most often includes a magnet for easier access, an additional holster to carry magazines, and a secure closure system such as snap fastener or buckles.
  • Pocket Holster: A pocket holster is a small pocket-shaped holster which fits over the waistband of your trousers and holds a firearm in place.

Features to Look for in a Belly Band Holster

When shopping for a belly band holster there are certain features you should consider. The right holster for you will depend on your specific needs, so make sure to keep the following features in mind when choosing the correct model for you:

  • Comfort: The most important factor when it comes to your holster is comfort. You’ll want a holster that is comfortable when worn for a long period of time. Look for a holster with a wide, adjustable band and a breathable material.
  • Durability: It’s important to make sure your holster is of good quality and is up to the task when it comes to concealing and carrying your firearm. Look for a holster made from high-quality material with a secure closure system.
  • Concealability: The point of using a belly band holster is to conceal your firearm. Look for a holster with an adjustable design that can be easily adjusted to fit your waist size. You should also look for a low-profile design.

Top 6 Best Belly Band Holsters For Men & Women

Now that you know the different types of holsters and what features to look for in a belly band holster, it’s time to look at some of the best models available on the market. Here are the 6 best belly band holsters for men and women:

  1. Mission First Tactical React Belly Band Holster: This belly band holster is sleek and comfortable. It’s made with elasticated fabric for a snug fit, and it features a secure non-slip closure. It also has adjustable holster positions to fit your needs.
  2. Utilikit Comfort Belly Band Holster: This holster is designed with comfort in mind. It comes with a thick, adjustable band which is made from sweat-resistant material. It’s also designed with an adjustable holster to fit different handguns.
  3. Secure It Tactical BellyBelly Band Holster System: This belly band holster system comes with a waistband and detachable magazine pouch. It comes with an adjustable magnetic holster for easy access. It’s also designed with an adjustable closure for a secure fit.
  4. Stealth Gear USA VentCore Belly Band Holster: This holster is designed for maximum comfort and carry. It features a padded ventilation system to ensure comfort, and it’s made from breathable materials for long-wear. It also has an adjustable fit and adjustable retention.
  5. Bulldog Cases Belly Band: This holster is designed for maximum convenience. It features elastic to fit all sizes and comes with a secure closure. It also has pockets to carry accessories such as a pocket knife or flashlight.
  6. 1791 Gunleather Belly Band: This belly band holster is made with a high-quality leather construction. It comes with a secure buckle closure and adjustable straps for a secure fit. It also features an adjustable retention strap to fit any firearm.


We hope our review and buying guide has helped you choose the best belly band holster for your needs. Remember to consider all the features we’ve discussed when choosing the right holster for you.

Regardless of which holster you choose, you should always take proper care of it. Keep it clean and dry, and make sure it’s properly adjusted each time you wear it. We wish you luck with your search for the perfect belly band holster!

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