Growing Peppers Indoors – Guidelines & Tips

Growing Peppers Indoors – Guidelines & Tips

Growing Peppers Indoors – Guidelines & Tips

Peppers are among the most popular vegetables for home gardeners, and they can be grown indoors pretty successfully. However, growing vegetables indoors can be a challenging task, so sticking to some guidelines and tips can help produce a more successful crop. Read on for some helpful tips and guidelines for growing peppers indoors.

Select the Right Container

Since peppers are root vegetables, it’s best to select a larger container for growing them — a pot that’s 12 to 16 inches deep is ideal. Make sure any container you select has drainage holes, and fill it with potting soil.

Choose the Right Spot

For successful pepper growth, the spot you choose to keep the pot should have plenty of sunlight. Pepper plants need direct sunlight at least six hours a day. A sunny balcony or a windowsill would be perfect spots for keeping the pot. Make sure there is adequate airflow around the pot and that the room temperature is in the range of 65-80°F.

Choosing the Right Pepper Variety

When it comes to choosing the right variety of pepper to grow indoors, opt for compact varieties with good taste. Some popular varieties include bell peppers, banana peppers, Thai peppers, jalapeno peppers, and habanero peppers.

Planting the Pepper

Now that you’ve selected the right spot and pot for your pepper plant, it’s time to plant it. Start by soaking the pepper seeds in water overnight before planting them in the potting soil. Plant the seeds about an inch deep and cover them with additional soil. Once the seedlings emerge, thin the plants to allow enough space for the roots to grow.

Water and Fertilizer

Pepper plants need plenty of water – keep the soil moist but not soggy. Watering the plants 1-2 times a week should be sufficient. It’s also important to fertilize the plants with the proper nutrients for good growth. Use a water-soluble fertilizer and mix it according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Harvesting Pepper

Once the pepper plants start to flower, you can start harvesting the fruit. Pick the peppers once they have grown to their full size and the skin is glossy and bright. To harvest the pepper, use a knife or scissors to cut the pepper off the plant.


Following these guidelines and tips can help you grow delicious peppers indoors. With the right selection of supplies, a sunny spot, and regular watering, your peppers should thrive and yield a great harvest. Plus, you can feel proud for growing your own vegetables!

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