Emergency Water Storage Calculator

Emergency Water Storage Calculator

Emergency Water Storage Calculator

Unpredictable weather conditions, natural disasters, and other emergencies can make it difficult to keep your family safe without access to the right resources. Water is essential to basic survival in any situation, and long-term emergency scenarios require that you have enough water stored to keep your family hydrated. To ensure your family has access to the right amount of water in an emergency, using a water storage calculator can provide you with a better understanding of how much water you need.

How To Use an Emergency Water Storage Calculator

A water storage calculator is designed to take into account existing water supplies in your home, the types of emergencies your family may face, and the number of people in your household. With these factors in mind, the calculator will calculate the amount of water each person will need to remain hydrated and what type of water storage strategy you will need to implement to make sure you have enough.

Steps For Calculating Emergency Water Supplies

  1. Calculate the population of your household – this should include not just adults, but also children and pets. Add a minimum of three additional gallons of water for pets.
  2. Identify any water sources in your home such as sinks, toilets, hot tubs, and showers.
  3. Estimate the types of emergencies you may face such as hurricanes, tornadoes, blackouts, and fires. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, add an extra five-day water supply.
  4. Enter the data into the water storage calculator to determine how much water your family will need.
  5. Plan a water storage strategy by purchasing large containers for long-term emergency water storage, as well as smaller containers for easy access to smaller emergency supplies.


Using an emergency water storage calculator can help you to determine how much water your family will need in an emergency, as well as the most effective way to store and access the water. By taking into account the family size, geographic location, and types of emergencies that may occur, you can more easily prepare for any situation that may arise.

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