Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Trap for Indoor & Outdoor Review and Buying Guide

Are you in search of the best mosquito trap that suits indoor and outdoor use? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide a review and buying guide for the best mosquito traps out there. The right mosquito trap will keep nasty insects at bay and stop them from coming inside your home or workplace.

How Do Mosquito Traps Work?

Mosquito traps lure in the pesky insects and keep them trapped inside the device. The process involves the emission of carbon dioxide or octenol vapors, both of which are attractive to mosquitoes. They are then sucked up into the trap using a fan or sucked towards an adhesive surface where they stay stuck. There are several types of mosquito traps; some use light, others use water or plant-based scents, and some even use both.

Types of Mosquito Traps

1. Electrocution Traps

Electrocution traps are one of the most powerful types of mosquito traps. These traps are designed to capture small and large insects using a high voltage grid, killing them instantaneously. They are usually powered by electricity or batteries, but some can even work with solar power. They can cover a large surface area and can be used inside and outside.

2. Attract-and-kill Traps

Attract-and-kill traps are popular among homeowners. These devices lure in mosquitoes using high-intensity light and then trap them with an adhesive pad or wick. The light may be powered by electricity, battery, or solar cells, depending on the model.

3. ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) Foggers

ULV foggers are efficient for killing mosquitoes in outdoor areas. They create a special fog filled with insecticides that is designed to destroy mosquitoes and other insects. This fog is attracted to light and is usually deployed around streetlights and campgrounds. The foggers disperse large amounts of insecticides and are best used in open, large areas.

Buying Considerations

When shopping for mosquito traps, you will want to consider several factors, such as:

  • Price: How much are you willing to spend on a mosquito trap?
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to set up the trap?
  • Power source: Will it need an electrical outlet or battery?
  • Capacity: How much area will it cover?
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Does it work indoors and outdoors?
  • Safety: Are the materials safe for use in a family environment? Are the chemicals safe?

Best Mosquito Traps For Indoor & Outdoor

Below, we’ve reviewed some of the best mosquito traps for both indoor and outdoor use.

1. Flowtron BK-15D:

The Flowtron BK-15D is a powerful unit that features a wide coverage area and an easy setup. It comes with a revolutionary design that can cover up to 1.5 acres. It emits carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects, and traps them with a high voltage grid. It is powered by an electric cord and features thermal shutdown protection for added safety.

2. Black Flag Bug Zapper:

The Black Flag Bug Zapper is a powerful and affordable electric mosquito trap. It is powered by electricity with a large coverage area of one acre. It emits light, carbon dioxide, and octenol to attract the pesky insects. It also comes with a safety switch and an indicator light that will let you know when the device needs to be replaced.

3. DynaTrap DT1700 Ultralight:

The DynaTrap DT1700 Ultralight is one of the most reliable and powerful mosquito traps. It covers up to one acre and comes with an advanced design that uses both carbon dioxide and octenol to lure in the pests. It also utilizes a UV light that produces a purple color to attract more insects. This product is powered by electricity and is easy to set up.


When looking for the best mosquito trap for indoor and outdoor use, the right product should be easy to install and cover a large area. It should also come with a power source, cover both indoor and outdoor areas, and be safe for use in family environments. We’ve reviewed some of the best mosquito traps for indoor and outdoor use and hope that we’ve helped you make the right choice.

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